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These are a few pictures of the many weddings that I have been honored to participate in over the years as a wedding officiant.

Every wedding is unique and has its own style, which seems to be formed by a combination of the unique skills, traits, and abilities of the groom and the bride and their families. Some weddings are highly planned and organized, while others are laid back and tend more towards the informal gathering.

Whether it is the outdoor wedding, with a giant tarp flying overhead to shelter the guests from a sudden rainstorm, as a distant cow neighs her amen; or whether the grand and graceful cathedral, with organs sounding and beauty surrounding, every wedding has its own glory, and brings with it the hope that this new family that is being formed will carry the light of peace, truth, and love forward to a new generation.

I look forward to the honor of joining in celebrating your special day and to looking back as time passes with a prayerful heart on that bygone day we celebrated, hoping to one day meet you and your happy and whole family at Heaven's pearly gates.


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